Jeroen Soree

This is IT....

Network Administration

Started back 25 years ago with Banyan Vines as administrator. Nowadays touching everything that has to do with it. Routers, switches, MLPS and Cloud computing.


Need some advise on complex issues? During the years in IT, I have gained a lot of experience.


Developing applications in .NET. If it's not there, I develop it myself!


Find out some things about myself here.


Some things just need more attention. Read about interesting things in the IT and Telecommunication world.

After work comes fun

Not all is work. Sometimes you just need to have some fun.

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IT Administrator

Find out about my daily work, IT Administrator.


Operating systems and software

What operating systems and software do I work with on a daily bases.


Under construction

Like it says, no need to elaborate. This site just is!

Welcome.... my web pages. I use this webserver and the domain behind it mainly for mail, DNS and testing purposes. One needs to keep up with the technologies in the IT world. Here you can find who I am, what I do and what my interests are.

Currently working as an IT Administrator for Entertainment One Benelux B.V. in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Keeping the daily IT and infrastructure up-and-running.

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And now, time for some fun!